Freshly Prepared Vegetables

We have a great deal of prepared vegetables in various sizes. So to make viewing them easier simply click on the (+) next to the type of vegetable to reveal all variations.

Fine Diced White Onion
Diced Onion (h/s) 1 Inch
Fine Diced Red Onion
Peeled Banana Shallot
Diced Round Shallot
Peeled Button Onion
Peeled Italian White Onion
Sliced 2mm White Onion
Sliced 2mm Red Onion
Peeled Thai Shallot
Sliced Spring Onion
Prep Spring Onion
Grated White Onion
Peeled Onion
Sliced White Onion
Diced White Onion
Peeled Red Onion
Red Onion Wedges
Sliced Red Onion
Diced Red Onion
Peeled Round Shallot
Peeled Banana Shallot
Diced Banana Shallots
Sliced Banana Shallots
Peeled Button Onions
Brunoise Shallots
Sliced Spring Onion
Julienne Spring Onion
Whole Peeled Carrot
Whole Peeled White Carrot
Whole Peeled Yellow Carrot
Whole Peeled Black Carrot
Sliced Carrot
Diced Carrot
Diced Carrot Rough Cut
Diced Carrots 15mm 1kg
Diced Carrots 20mm
Grated Carrot
Baton 5mm (h/s) Carrot
Baton 10mm Carrot
Baton 10mm (h/s) Carrot
Baton Carrot 14mm
Julienne Carrot
Noisette Carrots
Parisienne Carrots 1kg
Parmentier Carrot
Pre Packed Carrot
Quartered Carrot
Robo Couped Carrots
Rumbled Chantenay Carrots
Salfrino Carrot 1kg
Short Cut Baton Carrot
Spaghetti/ Shoestring Carrot
Spoon Carrot
Fluted Carrot
Carrots Ribbons
Chanteney Carrots T/t
Turned Carrot 5g
Turned Carrot 7g
Turned Carrots 10g
Turned Carrot 15g
Turned Carrot 20g
Turned Carrot 25g
Turned Carrot 30g
Whole Peeled Beetroot
Whole Peeled Golden Beetroot
Whole Peeled Candy & Golden Beetroot
Diced Raw Beetroot
Diced Cooked Beetroot
Noisette Golden Beetroot
Noisette Raw Beetroot
Grated Cooked Beetroot
Grated Raw Beetroot
Pomme Neufe Golden Beetroot
Pomme Neufe Raw Beetroot
Sliced Beetroot 6mm
Parisienne Beetroot
Raw Beetroot Wedges
Washed Golden Beetroot
Beetroot Fondant
Whole Peeled Potato
Peeled New Mids
Rumbled Mids
Washed Mids
Cut Roast Pots Youngs
Cut Roast Pots
Baby Roast Pots
Cut Roast Pots Maris
Peeled & Quartered Potato
Potato Chips 15mm (h/c)
Chips 10mm S/on
Potato Chips 10mm
Potato Chips 12mm
Potato Chips 14mm (h/s)
Potato Chips 7mm
Potato Chips 8mm S/on
King Edward Chips
Potato Chips 12mm (s/on)
Potato Chips 14mm (s/on)
2mm Potato Chips S/on
2mm Potato Chips
Pomme Neufe
Jenga Chips
Potato Chips 17mm (h/c)
Hand Cut Wedges
Rustic Cut Pomme Neufe
Fat Cut Chips (s/on)
Sliced Saute Pots
Sliced Maris Piper Pots
Diced Potato
Diced Potato 15mm
Diced Potato 25mm
Diced Potato 20mm
Diced Maris Piper Potato
Parmentier Potatoes
Prep S/on Chips Julienne 5mm
Grated Potato
Julienne Potato
60g Chateau Potato
50g Chateau Potato
Turned Potato 40g
70g Chateau Potato
Turned Pots 15g
20g/25g Cocotte Potato
Turned Pots 10g (olivette)
120g Chataeu Potato
Pave Potatoe (45mm X 50mm) Each
Potato Fondant 50mmx50mm
Potato Fondant 75mmx40mm
New Potato 1/4’s
Whole Peeled Red Potato
Potato Chips 6mm S/on
Potato Chips 4mm S/on
Whole Peeled King Edwards
Peeled Chippies Choice
Diced Baby Potato (s/on)
Lumberjack Chips
Whole Peeled Cyprus Potato
2mm Chips Patty & Bun S/on
Diced Potato (h/s)
Boiled Potato
Potato Off Cuts
Potato Red Sliced 6mm (s/on)
Pommes Paille
Round Potato
Sliced King Edward Potato
Potato Wedges (s/on)
Diced Jersey Potato (s/on)
Peeled Binje Potato
Cut Roast Red Deisree Potato
Peeled Parve Potato
Harris Potato
Diced Sweet Potato
Peeled Waxy Potato
Not F/s Rumbled Potato
Whole Peeled Pots
Ffp Roasting Pots
Whole Peeled Pot Youngs
Peeled New Mids
Not F/s Cut Roast Pots
Rumbled Potato
Whole Peeled Lovers
Potato Chips 14mm
King Edward Chips
Not F/s Potato Chips 12mm
Potato Chips 12mm
Potato Chips 12mm S/ On
Potato Chips 15mm (h/c)
Potato Chips 7mm
Not F/s Potato Chips Mm
Pomme Neufe
Hand Cut Wedges
Sliced Saute Pots
Diced Potato
Not F/s Diced Potato 30×30
Diced Potato 25mm
Diced Potato 20mm
Diced Maris Piper Potato
Pommes Paille
Grated Potato
Julienne Potato
60g Chateau Potato
50g Chateau Potato
Turned Pots 15g
30/35g (cocotte)
Not F/s 30/35g (cocotte)
Parisienne Potato
Noisette Potato
Fondant (60mm X 15mm)
Fondant (60mm X 40mm)
Fondant (60mm X 30mm)
Fondant Noval (75mm X 45mm)
Fondant Oval (60mm X 85mm)
Whole Peeled Red Potato
Whole Peeled Maris
Whole Peeled King Edward
Broccoli Florets
Broccoli Sliced
Broccoli Diced
Blanched Broccoli
Tender Stem Washed Broccoli
Peeled Butternut Squash Halves
Butternut Wedges
Butternut Hats
Turned Butternut Squash
Diced 10mm Butternut Squash
Diced 15mm Butternut Squash
Diced 20mm Butternut Squash
Diced 25mm Butternut Squash
Shoestring Butternut Squash
Sliced Celery
Robo Couped Celery
Diced Celery
Baton (h/s) Celery
Sliced Celery
Celery Sliced 5mm
Celery Sliced 20mm
20mm Diced Courgette
Baton Courgette
Courgette Coins
Courgette Ribbons
Diced Courgette (h/s) 5mm
Diced Courgette
Diced Courgette Rough Cut
Grated Courgette
Julienne Courgette
Noisette Courgette
Parisienne Courgette
Salfrino Courgette
Sliced Courgette
Spaghetti/shoestring Courgette
Spoon Courgette
Turned Courgette 10g
Turned Courgette 15g
Turned Courgette 20g
Turned Courgette 25g
Turned Courgette 3g
Turned Courgette 5g
Turned Courgette 7g
20mm Diced Celeriac
5mm Diced Celeriac
Baton Celeriac
Baton Celeriac (h/s)
Celeriac Fondant
Diced Celeriac
Grated Celeriac
Julienne Celeriac
Pomme Neufe Celeriac
Quartered Celeriac
Salfrino Celeriac
Sliced Celeriac
Tuned Celeriac 15g
Turned Celeriac 30g
Turned Celeriac 5g
Turned Celeriac 7g
Whole Peeled Celeriac
Diced Savoy Cabbage
Julienne Kale
Prepared Curly Kale
Rough Cut White Cabbage
Shredded 5mm C-cabbage
Shredded Curly Kale
Shredded Green Cabbage
Shredded Savoy Cabbage
Shredded Spring G-cabbage
Shredded White Cabbage
Shredded Red Cabbage
Sliced 20mm Mustard Greens
Sliced Curly Kale
Sliced Swiss Chard
Washed Kale
Cauliflower Florets 20mm
Cauliflower Florets
Cauliflower Florets Small
Cauliflower Florets Large
Baton Cucumber
Diced Cucumber
Grated Cucumber
Julienne Cucumber
Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Cucumber 2mm
Cucumber Strips
Shredded Fennel
Diced Fennel
Julienne Fennel
Whole Washed Fennel
Sliced Fennel
Whole Peeled Leeks
Whole Leeks – White Only
Sliced Leek (h/c)
Diced Leek
Diced 20mm Leek
Shredded Sprouts
Prepared Sprouts
Sliced Sprouts
Whole Peeled Mouli
Baton Mouli
Spaghetti/shoestring Mouli
Parisienne Mouli
Noisette Mouli
Grated Mouli
Julienne Mouli
Turned Mouli 5g
Turned Mouli 7g
Turned Mouli 10g
Turned Mouli 15g
Turned Mouli 20g
Turned Mouli 25g
Turned Mouli 30g
Duxelle Mushroom
Wild Mushroom Mix
Mushroom Button Diced 6mm
Sliced Oyster Mushrooms
Sliced Dutch Cup Mushroom
1/4 Mushroom Chestnuts
Sliced Button Mushroom
1/2 Button Mushroom
Whole Peeled Parsnip
Baton Parsnip
Baton Parsnip (h/s)
Quartered Parsnips
Sliced Parsnip
Diced Parsnip
Diced 15mm Parsnip
Diced 20mm Parsnip
Diced Parsnip R/cut
Noisette Parsnips
Quartered Carrot & Parsnip Mix
Turned Parsnip 7g
Turned Parsnip 10g
Turned Parsnip 15g
Turned Parsnip 20g
Turned Parsnip 30g
Diced R-pepper 10mm
Diced R-pepper 20mm
Y-pepper Julienne
G-pepper Julienne
R-pepper Julienne
Julienne Mixed Pepper
Diced Y-pepper 10mm
Diced G-pepper 10mm
Diced G-pepper 20mm
Diced G-pepper Triangles
Diced R-pepper Triangles
Diced Y-pepper Triangles
Diced Mixed Peppers (r,g,y)
Sliced Mixed Peppers (r,g,y)
Sliced G-pepper
Sliced R-pepper
R-pepper Strips 5mm
Peppers Quartered & Cut
Baton Mixed Peppers
Diced Green Chilli (deseeded)
Diced R-pepper 20mm
R-pepper 6mm Sliced
Y-pepper 6mm Sliced
R-pepper Julienne
Diced Y-pepper 20mm
Diced Mixed Peppers (r & Y)
Bell Pepper 8s (r & Y)
Sliced Y-pepper
30mm Diced Pumpkin
15mm Diced Pumpkin
Diced Roasted Pumpkin S-vide
Diced Pumpkin S-vide
20mm Diced Pumpkin
Grated Roasted Pumpkin S/on
Grated Roasted Pumpkin
Grated Raw Pumpkin
Whole Peeled Pumpkin
Diced Pumpkin
Turned Pumpkin 30g
Whole Peeled Swede
Quarter Cut Swede
Baton Swede (h/s)
20mm Diced Swede
25mm Diced Swede
Turned Swede 25g
Turned Swede 15g
Turned Swede 5g
Swede Wedges
Turned Swede 30g
Turned Swede 7g
Turned Swede 10g
Parisienne Swede
Noisette Swede
Pomme Neufe Swede
Salfrino Swede
Baton Swede
Diced Swede
Turned Swede 20g
Peeled Sweet Potato
20mm Diced Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato 14mm Chips (s/on)
Sweet Potato Fat Cut Chips
Parmentier Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Wedges
Peeled Sweet Potato
Diced Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato R/cut
Diced Vine Tomatoes
Sliced Tomato
Diced Tomato (s/on)
Quartered Tomatoes
Halved Tomatoes
Diced Turnip
Baton Turnips
Baton Turnips (h/s)
Diced Turnip 20mm
Sliced Turnip
Salfrino Turnip
Peeled Turnips
Peeled Baby Turnip
Diced Turnip
Turned Turnip 10g
Turned Turnip 15g
Turned Turnip 20g
Turned Turnip 25g